Framework Focus


A series of 70 short videos exploring the
Community Organising Framework
across seven hours of self-directed learning.

The Framework Focus Series contains nine online courses that go deeper into each of the elements of the Community Organising Framework in turn. Learn about the theory behind community organising, hear real-world stories of how it works in practice and consider reflective questions to help you apply it in your context.

Community Practitioners' Network

An online support network for all kinds of community practitioner to receive
expert input and practice support.

The Community Practitioners' Network brings together community practitioners from across the UK. It provides an online space where people come together, reflect and learn from each other's experiences. It also provides expert input and guidance through guest lectures and webinars as well as informal networking opportunities and wider discussion groups.

Additional Courses and Resources

Quality Assured
Short Courses

Our range of online and in-person short courses are certificated through the

Quality Licence Scheme, which endorses

high-quality training.

Community Organising Compared

A book which sets out how we believe community organising differs from other approaches to developing community, building power and creating change.

Award in Community

The Award in Community Organising is a nationally recognised qualification for those who want to go deeper into community organising theory and practice.