The Community Practitioners' Network (CPN) brings together community practitioners from across the UK. It provides an online space where people come together, reflect and learn from each other's experiences. Regular Practice Support Circles provide time with an experienced community organiser to troubleshoot issues and reflect with peers.

The CPN also provides expert input and guidance through guest lectures and webinars as well as informal networking opportunities and wider discussion groups.

Membership of the CPN costs just £16 per month, or you can get 2 months free if you pay £160 per year. All prices are inclusive of VAT.


"It is really important to have reflective spaces for our own wellbeing and developing our skillset. This is often not provided as part of organisation's support systems; and it’s also really valuable to have external opportunities to get a fresh perspective. This is why I joined the CPN"

Penny Vincent - Director of All the Small Things CIC

"I joined the CPN to connect with other practitioners, develop my understanding, and to be motivated. The Peer Learning Circles really help me focus on my practice. I feel more confident and motivated in my role."

Sam Parker - Bristol City Council

"With this type of work the first thing that drops off the agenda is looking after yourself. The Community Practitioners Network is about having those critical friends that ask those difficult questions. It helps your own learning and is useful for developing your skills, and challenging your own practice."

Phil McGrath - Centre Manager, The Cornerstone

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